How to Naturally Enhance Your Immune System

How to Naturally Enhance Your Immune System

Jun 7, 2011

When people get hurt or sick most are looking for simple ways to help boost their natural immunity defenses and ability to heal faster. The most known natural supplements are vitamins, Vitamin C being the most popular for immunity. A lesser known but good supplement to take every day to build up your system for healing faster is natural deer antler velvet.

Antler Velvet has many known health benefits, used in China, Asia and even in Russia for thousands of years. As an ancient medicine, doctors put it to use to help treat knee pain, insufficient growth, female disorders, skin ailments, swelling and even impotence or premature ejaculation in men. Korea used to treat muscle growth, nerve function and anemia. Body builders and athletes use antler velvet to recover muscle tears faster and treat ongoing pain from injuries.

Deer antler velvet contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, and a full spectrum of amino acids. It is also a source of glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen and bone morphogenic proteins all making a symbolic balance of growth factors. These growth factors are for the re-growth of cartilage, skin, nerves, bone and even joints and increasing the production of white blood cells which are essential to many organs immune factors.

Hundreds of studies have been doing showing the reimbursement of the use of antler velvet. Brian Fisher of UofA did a study that showed significant increases in blood plasma testosterone levels in the EV-1 elk velvet antler supplemented group. Before that Russian scientist, Dr. Taneyeva, produced research indicating mental capacity increased in children.

Moose, elk or deer farms in Korea or Australia are usually the places that supply antler velvet. The animals are treated humanely throughout the process of harvesting the antlers. Most farms have the animals loose in fields, supplied with the best food and shelter. When it is time to harvest the antlers, it is handled like a veterinary procedure. The deer is given anesthesia and a sedative to make the process safer for the animal, handler and the veterinarian helping with the process. The antler is then removed and the deer is released back into the field after it has woken up. This process happens once a year to an animal.

Deer antler velvet is an all around great supplement to add to a daily routine. Normal dose for antler velvet is 430mg to 1290mg daily. Pills are available in 215 mg capsules.

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