Ready for Sobriety

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If you are evaluating drug rehab centers in California for yourself or a loved one, please consider Sober Living by the Sea. This facility offers a beautiful setting that encourages healing and strengthens individuals to face the challenges ahead, as recovery is often a slow, arduous process. Self-discovery is good, but you do not have to travel this path alone.

Drug addiction causes severe psychological and physiological damage to the body. Having access to professionally trained addiction therapists 24-hours a day is imperative during the initial detoxification stages. Individually designed programs gradually incorporate personal accountability and empowerment of patients as they progress in their treatment. Long term and gender specific programs are available for both men and women, as research supports a long term recovery approach for the best possible outcome. The environment at this residential treatment facility encourages exercise through surfing, boating and other outdoor activities. Regular exercise and nutritious meals help individuals regain their overall strength and health while eliminating the destructive substances from their system.

Southern California offers a unique climate and atmosphere that is naturally healing and life-giving. The staff at Sober Living by the Sea specializes in treatment protocol for food addiction along with drug and alcohol addictions. Drug rehab centers that offer strict supervision and accountability enforcement combined with ever-expanding personal responsibility over a period of 90 days or more have proven to produce results. Combining the required therapy with a tranquil, stress-free transitional setting produces even greater success reports.

Releasing your addiction and changing addictive behavior is a metamorphosis of the mind, body and soul. This is a time of re-birth, renewal and reclaiming a place in the real world and should be a gradual process that is monitored every step of the way.

Sobriety is waiting. Our staff is waiting. Are you ready?

Natural looking wig

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There are two methods of attaching hair to wigs. The first and oldest is to weave the root ends of the hair onto a warp of three silk threads to form a sort of fringe called a “weft”. The wefts are then sewn to a foundation made of net or other material. In modern times, the wefts can also be made with a specially adapted sewing machine, reducing the amount of hand labour involved.

In the 19th century another method came into use. A small hook called a “ventilating needle”, similar to the tambour hooks used for decorating fabric with chain-stitch embroidery at that period, is used to knot a few strands of hair at a time directly to a suitable foundation material. This newer method produces a lighter and more natural looking wig. High quality custom wigs, and those used for film and theatrical productions are usually done this way. It is also possible to combine the two techniques, using weft for the main part of the wig and ventilating hair at the edges and partings to give a fine finish.


How to Naturally Enhance Your Immune System

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When people get hurt or sick most are looking for simple ways to help boost their natural immunity defenses and ability to heal faster. The most known natural supplements are vitamins, Vitamin C being the most popular for immunity. A lesser known but good supplement to take every day to build up your system for healing faster is natural deer antler velvet.

Antler Velvet has many known health benefits, used in China, Asia and even in Russia for thousands of years. As an ancient medicine, doctors put it to use to help treat knee pain, insufficient growth, female disorders, skin ailments, swelling and even impotence or premature ejaculation in men. Korea used to treat muscle growth, nerve function and anemia. Body builders and athletes use antler velvet to recover muscle tears faster and treat ongoing pain from injuries.

Deer antler velvet contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, and a full spectrum of amino acids. It is also a source of glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen and bone morphogenic proteins all making a symbolic balance of growth factors. These growth factors are for the re-growth of cartilage, skin, nerves, bone and even joints and increasing the production of white blood cells which are essential to many organs immune factors.

Hundreds of studies have been doing showing the reimbursement of the use of antler velvet. Brian Fisher of UofA did a study that showed significant increases in blood plasma testosterone levels in the EV-1 elk velvet antler supplemented group. Before that Russian scientist, Dr. Taneyeva, produced research indicating mental capacity increased in children.

Moose, elk or deer farms in Korea or Australia are usually the places that supply antler velvet. The animals are treated humanely throughout the process of harvesting the antlers. Most farms have the animals loose in fields, supplied with the best food and shelter. When it is time to harvest the antlers, it is handled like a veterinary procedure. The deer is given anesthesia and a sedative to make the process safer for the animal, handler and the veterinarian helping with the process. The antler is then removed and the deer is released back into the field after it has woken up. This process happens once a year to an animal.

Deer antler velvet is an all around great supplement to add to a daily routine. Normal dose for antler velvet is 430mg to 1290mg daily. Pills are available in 215 mg capsules.

Acupuncture and Natural Fertility

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With the world population reaching 7 billion you could be forgiven for thinking the human race has an easy time reproducing. While this is true for many people, some couples have problems conceiving yet do not want to go down the route of artificial fertility aids

In terms of human medicine, acupuncture is by far the oldest formalised method of treatment spanning back some 5000 years in China. The acceptance of acupuncture has increased in western medicine over recent decades and many advocate the use of it as an aid to natural fertility.

Acupuncture works on the theory that the body has energy flows, or chi, along recognisable and consistent pathways around the body, called meridians. The insertion of acupuncture needles helps stimulate flow along the meridians, assisting in areas where chi has become blocked or stagnant.

By improving the energy flow, or bio-chemical balance in modern terminology, the whole body is in better health which in itself is an important factor in being able to conceive. Added to this, acupuncture has a long history in reducing stress, stress being a known factor to conception difficulties.

There are possible links with acupuncture to increased health of sperm, helping blood flow to the uterus, increasing the chances of ovulation and also the regulation of ovulation. Acupuncture can be part of a naturally healthy approach to preparing yourself for pregnancy.

Use it as part of a natural fertility approach that can include among other things specific herbal remedies, regular exercise, monitoring the fertility cycle, and making sure your body has as much healthy nutrition while eliminating toxins from your diet. Yoga has a positive effect on all the body systems with programs specifically designed for fertility and pregnancy.

Improve the well being of your mind and body naturally while you prepare yourselves for bringing new life into the world, giving you all the best chance of healthy development at natural fertility Queensland.

Treatment of diabetes

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Type 2 diabetes is a huge advance, and much remains complications. The disease usually fits into a syndrome of insulin resistance in abdominal obesity, hypertension, dyslipidemia and increased platelet aggregation. Moreover, they often begin insidiously, by which one can walk around it for years before being uncovered. Therefor, at the time of diagnosis is high time to take action to curb the complications.

To slow down the complications it is not sufficient only to correct hyperglycemia. There is a much broader approach to adjusting lifestyle habits, medication for glycemia, lipids and blood pressure monitoring, screening and early treatment of complications

The person with diabetes must often be motivated for a number of measures that are not so popular: diet change, more exercise, quitting smoking, taking several medications, regular checks…
Patiens must practice more different methods together.

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Key lanyards

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One of the great things about key lanyards is that there are so many choices. Not only can the straps be custom printed but hardware attachments are available in several different finishes. has a large selection of key lanyards that will fit your keys as well as other personal items.

Key lanyards can be printed in camouflage, a leopard print, the cow print and in Scottish red and blue plaid. Key lanyards are also available with the happy face design, a zebra print, sunflower print, Hawaiian print and a tiger print. The key lanyard can be custom printed with a company, school, church, group, brand or any organizations name. can service all your key lanyard printing needs either by hot stamping, screen printing or by dye sublimation of the straps.

The hardware on the key lanyard is just as important as the printed lanyard. has the standard swivel hook key lanyard as well as the O key ring version. The heavy duty bolt snap with the curbed safety breakaway, is also made as a key lanyard. All hardware is available in nickel, gold, antique brass and black nickel colors. The standard length of the key lanyard is 5/8” wide x 34” long, but it can be custom made into any length.

There are several colors available in key lanyard straps. Black, royal blue, red, navy, white, yellow, orange, grey, burgundy, pink, dark green, light green, purple and teal are the standard colors. Special colors can be made by matching pantone PMS colors, but a minimum quality is needed to produce these colors. The wrist coil key lanyard is also available in black, white, red, blue, orange, yellow, green, navy and pink.

Key lanyards and key wrist lanyards can carry more that keys. iPods and digital music players as well as flashlights, ID cards, pens, charms, rings and other personal items all fit on the key lanyard. Personal protection sprays and small pocket knives are also carried on key lanyards.

The key lanyard is a versatile, functional and an important item to keep handy at all times. can custom design a key lanyard that can be used as a advertising item at trade shows or for school and sports events. Key lanyards, used as promotional and sales gifts, keep the name in front of the consumer long after the initial meeting has ended. is ready to service all your key lanyard business and personal needs.

Why Do I Need Drug Tests in My Home?

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Are your teenager’s grades suddenly slipping? Are you noticing radical changes in attitude and behavior, a change in former hobbies and friends or a sudden secretiveness and disinterest in family activities that didn’t formerly exist?

Many parents may attribute these changes to the normal trials and tribulations of puberty, but there may be something more serious occurring. Some parents are reluctant to believe their child may be experimenting with drugs or alcohol, but the age of initial experimentation is getting younger for teens and even pre-teens. Parents should consider giving their child a drug test to rule out the possibility the child is experimenting with mind-altering substances. Many home drug testing kits are available and can easily be obtained over the internet. Though alcohol is easier to detect because of the smell and obvious behavior changes directly observable while under the influence, some children are very sly about concealing their breath and may not return home until after the obvious effects of alcohol have worn off. Breath tests for alcohol are also available and can detect alcohol consumption several hours after the physical effects have subsided.

Several drug testing kits are available to test either urine or saliva. Certain drugs, like marijuana and benzodiazepines such as Valium and Xanax stay in the system for up to four weeks and can be detected long after use has occurred. Many of the drug testing kits available screen for use of several drugs at once and give rapid results. If you already know your teenager is experimenting with drugs, these drug tests can also help determine what drugs are being used. Don’t let experimentation get out of hand. If you suspect your child is experimenting with or continuing to use drugs, don’t delay. Get a drug testing kit and find out for sure. There are drug abuse hotlines that can offer assistance and answer questions if you have them.

Heartstart Defibrillator

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An automatic external defibrillator (AED) is a readily available life insurance policy that should be installed in any publicly accessible building. By having an AED on hand, a victim of heart troubles, who might have died waiting for an ambulance can be saved by a layperson using a defibrillator.

The heart is a muscle that works by electrical impulses controlling the rhythmic pumping of the chambers. When there is a problem, an inefficient fluttering, known as fibrillation, of the ventricular of the heart can result in oxygenated blood being sent to the brain. After 4 minutes without oxygen, the brain begins to die. The only way to remedy the beating of the heart is to reset it with a strong electric shock delivered by a defibrillator. Immediate action is needed in any case of fibrillation, and it might be too late when an ambulance arrives. Having an AED in the building does not guarantee that it will be used, but if it is needed to save a life, its cost will be more than worth the price. There can be no price high enough to place on saving a human life.

Sudden cardiac events can occur anywhere, and an AED is a means to allow even a layperson without medical training to save a life. AEDs, such as the Heartstart defibrillator, guide the user through the necessary steps to check for vital signs, apply the electrodes, and administer a shock if it is needed. The ease of use of the Heartstart defibrillator is similar to that of other brands. The best AED device will be the one that best fits into the budget and demographic of the place where it will be installed.

Some traveling nurses are very knowledgeable and useful because they are always being placed in different areas and hospitals. What this does is exposes them to a variety of different people and doctors with their own ways of doing things.  Traveling nurses may find that one procedure may work better than another, and from that moment on they are able to share their knowledge and experiences with every hospital or office they go to after. Another benefit to the traveling nurses is that they are truly dedicated to their jobs and are not looking to do anything but provide the best service they can wherever they are needed. They are not going to be competing with the staff for promotions or attention, instead they are just there to do what is needed of them by the doctors and nurses who are there all of the time.

Bracelets for Advertising

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I just love rubber silicone bracelets. Maybe that’s because they’re so comfortable and colorful. My favorite silicone bracelet is purple with pink letters that say “Girl on the go.” I have worn this bracelet for the past two years, and everyone who knows me, knows that I don’t go anywhere without it.

Something funny happened recently, that until now I didn’t associate with my rubber silicone bracelets. There is a local club in town that I frequent on the weekends, called “Go Go girls.” My friends and I always go to this club, because that’s where all the cool people go. There is a bouncer at the door, and he always stops us at the door to ask what the password is. The password is good for one week. The next week the password changes. This strict code is only enforced to keep the strays out of the club. Only the cool people know the password.

Last week, Tommy, the bouncer at the door, kept letting me in, and I didn’t even know the password! I thought that was mighty nice of him. It wasn’t until the week was over that someone told me the password was “Girl on the go.” I guess my rubber silicone bracelets turned out to be the password for that week!

Massage Therapy Stones

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Massage kits that include massage therapy stones provide an easy, convenient way to incorporate this healing practice into your health and wellness routine. The benefits of massage have been well-known for many generations and recent scientific studies have backed up the knowledge that receiving regular massages can relax muscles, ease tension, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve skin tone, enhance detoxification and improve overall health and wellness.

Massage therapy stones and kits allow you to bring these helpful massage tools into your home, easily include massage into your healthy lifestyle, and save thousands of dollars that you might have spent on professional massage services. While professional massage services with massage therapy stones will still be highly enjoyable and beneficial to your health, having your own massage therapy stones in your home allows you to extend the time period between paid massage appointments.

If you choose to continue having a massage therapist come to your home to provide this healing service, having your own massage therapy stones ensures that you have healing stones on hand for your therapist to use. Alternatively, you and your partner or friends can use the massage therapy stones on each other and enjoy the relaxing, healing effects on your own.

Massage therapy stones have many uses and can be used safely and conveniently at home. The health benefits of massage therapy stones are widely acknowledged and are now easily accessible through the simple purchase of a massage kit that includes these healing stones.

Experience massage therapy stones today and you will immediately see why so many people swear by this beneficial practice to improve overall health and wellness.