How Science can improve health

How Science can improve health

Jul 20, 2011

Science can and has improved our health in so many ways. Science has allowed us to have a better understanding of how the human body works and how the environment, food, and activities affect us. Science has given us the ability to lengthen life-spans, and cure diseases that were once considered deadly. It has also given us the opportunity to minimize our chances of becoming sick due to all the hard work and research scientists have put in. The research that we have been provided allows us the have a better understanding of our well being. Health tips that can to help improve your health are:

  • Through research we now have vaccinations.
  • We have a better understanding of how bacteria and viruses work with and against our bodies.
  • We have recommendations of what things to avoid to uphold a healthy life style (Ex. Diet, Exercise, Stress-free)
  • It has provided us with answers to why things happen, and how things happen.
  • How to help prevent birth defects.
  • What food to stay away from if you have a bad heart, or high cholesterol.

Image on the left taken from Uv Vis spectrophotometer

As you can clearly see, we have lots to give thanks to because of science. Without science we would be in a world full of trouble. Science will never become too successful in improving our help; if we were to get rid of all our existing problems, we would find more. Science is the threshold of achieving great things when it comes to our health.

Ready for Sobriety

If you are evaluating drug rehab centers in California for yourself or a loved one, please consider Sober Living by the Sea. This facility offers a beautiful setting that encourages healing and strengthens individuals to face the challenges ahead, as recovery is often a slow, arduous process. Self-discovery is good, but you do not have to travel this path alone.

Drug addiction causes severe psychological and physiological damage to the body. Having access to professionally trained addiction therapists 24-hours a day is imperative during the initial detoxification stages. Individually designed programs gradually incorporate personal accountability and empowerment of patients as they progress in their treatment. Long term and gender specific programs are available for both men and women, as research supports a long term recovery approach for the best possible outcome. The environment at this residential treatment facility encourages exercise through surfing, boating and other outdoor activities. Regular exercise and nutritious meals help individuals regain their overall strength and health while eliminating the destructive substances from their system.

The Ears

The human body has five senses used to process external stimuli and information – touch, taste, smell, sight and last but not least, hearing. The human ear is the sense organ that makes the phenomenon of sound possible. But not only does the ear handles sound, but it is also important in maintaining a person’s sense of balance and body position.

The ear is a part of the auditory system, which is a complex array of sensory organs that help translate incoming vibrations (or sound waves) into information that the human brain perceives as sound. The ear can be broken into three parts: the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. The visible portion of the ear is known as the pinna, which is essentially a flap of skin and cartilage that helps amplify and funnel sound waves into the ear canal. The sound waves continue until they reach the eardrum, located at the beginning of the middle ear. The sound wave vibrations continue through the hammer, anvil and stirrup, three delicate and sensitive bones that transfer these vibrations to the inner ear. The cochlea and Organ of Corti, both located in the inner ear, help translate the vibrations into nerve signals that are then taken to the brain for processing.

To answer an age-old question, if a tree falls in a forest and no one was around to hear it, it wouldn’t make a sound. Instead, it creates a series of sound waves that would be translated by the human ear as sound…if anyone were around when the tree fell.

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On the photo Spectrophotometer nanotechnology device