Why Do I Need Drug Tests in My Home?

Are your teenager's grades suddenly slipping? Are you noticing radical changes in attitude and behavior, a change in former hobbies and friends or a sudden secretiveness and disinterest in family activities that didn't formerly exist?

Many parents may attribute these changes to the normal trials and tribulations of puberty, but there may be something more serious occurring. Some parents are reluctant to believe their child may be experimenting with drugs or alcohol, but the age of initial experimentation is getting younger for teens and even pre-teens. Parents should consider giving their child a drug test to rule out the possibility the child is experimenting with mind-altering substances. Many home drug testing kits are available and can easily be obtained over the internet. Though alcohol is easier to detect because of the smell and obvious behavior changes directly observable while under the influence, some children are very sly about concealing their breath and may not return home until after the obvious effects of alcohol have worn off. Breath tests for alcohol are also available and can detect alcohol consumption several hours after the physical effects have subsided.

Several drug testing kits are available to test either urine or saliva. Certain drugs, like marijuana and benzodiazepines such as Valium and Xanax stay in the system for up to four weeks and can be detected long after use has occurred. Many of the drug testing kits available screen for use of several drugs at once and give rapid results. If you already know your teenager is experimenting with drugs, these drug tests can also help determine what drugs are being used. Don't let experimentation get out of hand. If you suspect your child is experimenting with or continuing to use drugs, don't delay. Get a drug testing kit and find out for sure.