Bracelets for Advertising

I just love rubber silicone bracelets. Maybe that's because they're so comfortable and colorful. My favorite silicone bracelet is purple with pink letters that say "Girl on the go." I have worn this bracelet for the past two years, and everyone who knows me, knows that I don't go anywhere without it.

Something funny happened recently, that until now I didn't associate with my rubber silicone bracelets. There is a local club in town that I frequent on the weekends, called "Go Go girls." My friends and I always go to this club, because that's where all the cool people go. There is a bouncer at the door, and he always stops us at the door to ask what the password is. The password is good for one week. The next week the password changes. This strict code is only enforced to keep the strays out of the club. Only the cool people know the password.

Last week, Tommy, the bouncer at the door, kept letting me in, and I didn't even know the password! I thought that was mighty nice of him. It wasn't until the week was over that someone told me the password was "Girl on the go." I guess my rubber silicone bracelets turned out to be the password for that week!