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Ready for Sobriety

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If you are evaluating drug rehab centers in California for yourself or a loved one, please consider Sober Living by the Sea. This facility offers a beautiful setting that encourages healing and strengthens individuals to face the challenges ahead, as recovery is often a slow, arduous process. Self-discovery is good, but you do not have to travel this path alone.

Drug addiction causes severe psychological and physiological damage to the body. Having access to professionally trained addiction therapists 24-hours a day is imperative during the initial detoxification stages. Individually designed programs gradually incorporate personal accountability and empowerment of patients as they progress in their treatment. Long term and gender specific programs are available for both men and women, as research supports a long term recovery approach for the best possible outcome. The environment at this residential treatment facility encourages exercise through surfing, boating and other outdoor activities. Regular exercise and nutritious meals help individuals regain their overall strength and health while eliminating the destructive substances from their system.

Southern California offers a unique climate and atmosphere that is naturally healing and life-giving. The staff at Sober Living by the Sea specializes in treatment protocol for food addiction along with drug and alcohol addictions. Drug rehab centers that offer strict supervision and accountability enforcement combined with ever-expanding personal responsibility over a period of 90 days or more have proven to produce results. Combining the required therapy with a tranquil, stress-free transitional setting produces even greater success reports.

Releasing your addiction and changing addictive behavior is a metamorphosis of the mind, body and soul. This is a time of re-birth, renewal and reclaiming a place in the real world and should be a gradual process that is monitored every step of the way.

Sobriety is waiting. Our staff is waiting. Are you ready?