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The breakfast really affect weight… Many times we have heard that the best day to start with a light meal, fruit or cereals. Although all experts agree that breakfast is an important meal that should not be skipped, studies give different results on whether oblivious breakfast helps or hinders the reduction of weight. New research published in the “Journal of Obesity”, polled 1,600 middle-aged women with excess weight, divided into two groups . One group consumed the most necessary daily calories during breakfast, while the other did it during dinner. Those who ate a heavy breakfast lost an average of about 10 pounds in three months. The participants who consumed breakfast easier lost about 4 pounds in the same period.

However, most studies are undecided on this issue. For example, in a research conducted at Cornell University it was found out that with too easy breakfast or skipping you will avoid about 408 calories a day, but more commonly will occurs hunger to those persons. The general conclusion is that there is a link between breakfast and losing weight and depends on what you eat, how and in which quantities.