10,000 seeds sent to Arctic to safeguard humanity against climate change

10,000 seeds sent to Arctic to safeguard humanity against climate change

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In an effort to ensure global food security, 10,000 new varieties of crops from around the world are being added to the ‘doomsday’ seed vault in the Arctic. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault, on an island off Norway’s northern coast, already stores 825,000 samples of seeds, which represent 13,000 years of agricultural history. The vault provides a back-up to the network of seed banks around the world, which store seeds but can be threatened by war, accidents and natural disasters. Protecting the diversity of the world’s crops is ‘fundamental’ for ensuring food security in the face of climate change, warned the Global Crop Diversity Trust (GCDT), which manages the vault.


A series of deliveries of seeds to Svalbard this month will help in that fight, the GCDT said. Four shipments from major genebanks based in Bulgaria, Colombia, India and Taiwan are delivering varieties from more than 100 countries. The shipments include types of wheat, barley, corn, sorghum, peal millet, chickpea, groundnut, Asian and African aubergine. Seeds of a number of indigenous African vegetables, including okra, amaranth, spider plant and jute mallow are also being deposited. Preserving different food plant varieties will help breed and develop crops that can withstand a changing climate, for example, by being more drought resistant or able to cope with higher temperatures, the trust said.


Marie Haga, executive director of the Global Crop Diversity Trust, said: ‘The Svalbard Global Seed Vault symbolises how we can create a long-term, sustainable and positive solution to feed the world forever. ‘The issue of hunger is global, and increasingly urgent. If we continue as we are, food production will be reduced and food prices will rise. Even more people will go hungry. ‘Crop diversity is essential if we are to provide more food, more nutritious food and affordable food for the poor. ‘Maintaining crop diversity, and the genetic wealth it provides to current and future generations, is beneficial not just to crop breeders, but to the farmers that feed all of us on this planet.’ The GCDT is calling on governments, businesses, foundations and wealthy individuals to contribute to a £500 million ($800 million) endowment fund which will pay to conserve crop varieties in perpetuity.

  • wally12

    The storage of seeds has been a program started years ago and probably only considered a major war event such as nuclear war. While the storage of seeds sounds like a good idea in the event of a major war or a climate disaster in some localized area. The article indicates that a climate disaster would be global warming. However, I would hope the organization also stores seeds that are capable to grow under colder conditions since an ice age is just as likely as a warming earth. All that is needed to prove that is to view the earth’s climate history where there has been cold periods that have lasted much longer than warm periods.

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    • Defenestrator

      Sometimes history repeats. Sometimes it doesn’t. The climate is getting warmer, not colder.

      • dcmining

        I haven’t noticed a change either way.

        • dk

          I’ve lived in the southern U.S. for thirty years. Historically, I could mow in the last week of August and not have to mow again until March. For the last few years, I continue to mow well into November and last year, our last cold day was in May. I remember one year in February, it was 11F. Two weeks later, still in February, it was 101F. The climate is changing.

          • wally12

            You are correct. The climate is changing. It has in the past and always will. I am sure that I’ve been around longer than you. I remember some of everything from warm summers to very cold winters to rainy summers to snowy winters. Last winter, this area experienced large amounts of snow and cold temperatures just like we had 70 years ago. These changes are called climate change. They do not prove anything one way or another. However, the only true proof of climate change is when the climate models are able to predict AVERAGE world temperatures. They have not. Maybe after you have experienced similar changes over 70 years, you may understand. Have a nice day.

          • dk

            Perhaps you should go public with your vast knowledge. I’m sure all of the world’s top scientists would stand corrected and be very humbled. I am wondering though, what you think their motivation would be for misleading the world about climate change. I can understand why a politician might deny climate change, because they are beholden to those who pay for their election efforts, those who are fouling our planet. It’s a huge gamble. One in which the future of humanity is at stake. Personally, since erring on the side of caution harms nobody, that’s the position that I and billions of others choose to take. Furthermore, if you are as old as the dinosaurs, then you have little to worry about by maintaining your outdated and obviously unscientific position.

          • wally12

            You seem to be misguided. First you say that ALL the world’s top scientists would stand corrected and humbled if they found they were wrong. That is not the case. Please do not use ALL since that statement is false. Their models have failed to prove that CO2 is a significant driver of warming. They know it but will never admit it since they are human and do not want to accept that they are wrong. Thus, they are similar to Obama and will just double down on their claims. After all many make a living writing papers in an attempt to prove their claims. Next, you say that you can understand why a politician would deny climate change. That may be true in some cases. However, those politicians who are believe in climate change have the motive of using climate change to advance their agenda of increasing taxes on fossil fuels and to gain additional power over the masses.Third you also seem to be doubling down since you claim that BILLIONS of people are on your side. Did you count them? How long did it take? Lastly, you say I am as old as the dinosaurs and have little to worry about. That statement struck me as being arrogant if you believe that seniors are outdated and unscientific. Would you say that about all seniors? Seniors have been around the world and have experienced many things and the young are just getting their feet wet. The proof was that I hit a nerve with your comment that you lived for 30 years and haven seen your area climate change to its present state. I stated that I agree that climate changes and noted that I experienced the same thing in my 70 plus years. What I was attempting to convey to you is that climate change happens. It is not proof that CO2 is the cause or that Humans have a significant hand in.
            Dr. Lennart Bengtsson, the former director of the Max Plank Institute for Meteorology, stated that the climate scientists must use the true scientific method in their studies and that their findings and claims must be verified by observation of the actual average temperature. If not, he and thousands of other scientists will not support the claims that CO2 is the driver of warming the planet. Dr. Bengtsson’s statement means that if Australia is HOT, California is DRY or that the US had a COLDER WINTER are not proof of global warming. Dr. Bengtsson also stated that the entire climate issue has become political and is no longer a scientific study or discussion.

          • David Rice

            “Please do not use ALL since that statement is false.”

            But it is all of the world’s scientists. Over 660 Earth Science science organizations have stated they agree with the consensus: how about you name one that does not. Heh! Good luck with that.






          • dk

            Wally, do what you want. You’re old and stubborn. Obviously, you’re the type who would argue with a fencepost. By the way, you might try a refresher course on reading comprehension. I stated that I’ve lived in the southern U.S. for 30 years. That is no indication of my actual age. Just so you know, I’m bumping 60. Go ahead and let your car idle all day. Turn all of the incandescent lights on in your house and leave them on 24 hours per. Throw your litter on the ground, whip the grandkids and teach them to curse, smoke tobacco and drink liquor. Pour your used motor oil in the gutter. Soon enough, you’ll be in the ground and the youth of our world will change everything anyway.

          • wally12

            It appears you didn’t read or understand what I wrote. I don’t care if you are 60. It really isn’t very relevant. What is relevant is that the climate in one section of the world that changes does not prove anything. It is simply climate change. It appears you swallow the propaganda that if your section of the country is hot, dry, cold etc that it is proof of warming and due to increases in CO2. There is no definitive proof of that. As for your sarcastic remarks, it is proof that you have no decency in your entire body. Good by.

          • David Rice

            “You are correct. The climate is changing. It has in the past and always will.”

            The problem is human-caused climate change, Silly Goose: not climate change.

        • David Rice

          Decade C Delta
          1880s 13.80
          1890s 13.73 -0.07
          1900s 13.67 -0.07
          1910s 13.65 -0.02
          1920s 13.78 +0.13
          1930s 13.92 +0.14
          1940s 14.01 +0.09
          1950s 13.96 -0.05
          1960s 13.98 +0.02
          1970s 14.03 +0.05
          1980s 14.21 +0.18
          1990s 14.37 +0.16
          2000s 14.57 +0.20

          Min 13.65
          Max 14.57
          Delta +0.92

      • wally12

        Prove it. Didn’t you know saying something is so does not make so. The climate models have never proven the temperature of the earth. If you bothered to look it up you would see it. The climate scientists know it and do not have an explanation for it that makes any sense. However, you may believe it if you like since climate change has become a religion for most of you warming alarmists.

      • wally12

        You are correct that history repeats and then maybe not. However, I believe you are saying that since the climate is getting warmer, it will not get colder. Am I understanding you correctly. I believe that the climate changes and does so in certain patterns but it is not precise from he standpoint that we can predict what next year, 100 years, of longer will be. We have seen that the climate for the last 500,000 years has cycled from warming to glaciers. It has done these cycles somewhat every100,000 years. Dr. Easterbrook studied the earth’s temperature from 1900 to 2000. His study showed that the temperature has cycled fro warming to cooling every 20 to 30 years. In 2000, he predicted that we would experience a cooling cycle that would last for about 25 years. He made his prediction several years before the climate scientists and their models predicted additional warming due to increasing CO2 levels. There has been a cooling cycle for the last 17 years and counting. Thus, climate does repeat itself. The problem is that climate scientists are predicting climate in too short of a cycle.

    • http://www.linkedin.com/in/emeraldbixby Emerald Bixby

      People dissing on your comment are factually uninformed … you’re right about the ice age factor, and real neckbeards write sciencey comments *way* more dryly than this. Come on, people.

      • David Rice

        People are “dissing” her or him because she or he claimed to believe a new ice age is just as likely was Earth warming. Now then: do you see Earth warming at the moment or cooling? Sheeeish.

    • David Rice

      “… since an ice age is just as likely as a warming earth.”

      No. Human-caused warming of Earth has alr4eady happened, is happening, and will continue to happen for at least 800 years even if humans suddenly stopped putting greenhouse gases in the atmosphere—- it takes many centuries for the oceans and the atmosphere to come to thermal and CO2 equilibrium with the sun. The next ice age is still more than 12,000 years away.

      See the problem now?

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    Whoop there it is.

  • MsL

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  • David Rice

    This is designed to preserve genetic diversity for plant life. It has recently been reported by the World Wildlife Fund that ~52% of the world’s known animal species have gone extinct in the previous 150 years. Meanwhile, over 200 members of the 113th USA Congress have insisted the crisis isn’t even happening. Whew: for a moment there I was worried about the future.

    • wally12

      How does the wildlife fund prove which species have gone extinct in both the past 150 years and the past 300 and 600 years?

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