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Depression will be treated with brain chips

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Very soon psychiatric disorders like depression and others, will be treated by embedding chips in the skull, as clinical trials showed exceptional results. Agency at the Ministry of Defense, responsible for developing new technology for the military (DARPA), financed a research worth 26 million dollars to develop effective ways to treat veterans suffering from psychological problems. The project will implement the University of San Francisco. This is the first research project entitled “System neuron technology advanced therapy” (SUBNETS), which will be implemented with the support of the Initiative for Brain Research. Researchers hope to discover patterns of signaling in brain disorders which lead to depression, anxiety and related disorders with addiction. You will also be working to develop a device that stimulates the brain and enhances alternative pathways in the brain, these conditions will be prevented.
Dr. Edward F.. Chang, head of the team working on the new project explains:
- Footage of the human brain can reveal aspects of mental illnesses that have not been known to scientists and doctors.
On the research will work also team from Massachusetts General Hospital together with the laboratories’ Draper” responsible for developing microchips.

Best way to get over someone really is to get UNDER someone

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Despite the rhetoric about moving on too fast from a previous lover, a new study has found those who do move on quickly are emotionally better-off. The study by researchers at City University of New York and the University of Illinois discovered people who entered into a rebound relationship, defined as a relationship where the individual still has romantic attachments to their ex-partner, are happier and have healthier relationships. The findings also show people in new relationships were more confident and felt more attractive than those left trying to get over the heartbreak alone.

It has been previously thought to be healthier to not enter into a new relationship while still harbouring feelings for an ex, but the study effectively proves rebound relationships may be more psychologically beneficial than typically thought. The study also proved that the quicker people move-on, not only are they personally happier, but they can also have happier relationships. Very little psychological research has been carried out into the benefits of moving on quickly before, but in the two studies carried out by both universities, the people who had moved-on quickly were ‘more confident in their desirability and had more resolution over their ex-partner’.

The study assessed the people’s well-being, their feelings about their ex-partner, and whether they were seeing someone new. Claudia Brumbaugh, Department of Psychology, Queens College, City University of New York, said: ‘A “rebound relationship” is commonly understood as a relationship that is initiated shortly after a romantic breakup—before the feelings about the former relationship have been resolved.  ‘Little research has examined the consequences of quickly beginning new romantic relationships after another has ended. In two studies we examined people who experienced a breakup and assessed their well-being, their feelings about their ex-partner, and whether they were seeing someone new.  ‘Analyses indicated that people in new relationships were more confident in their desirability and had more resolution over their ex-partner.  ‘Among those in new relationships, the speed with which they began their relationship was associated with greater psychological and relational health. Overall, these findings suggest that rebound relationships may be more beneficial than typically believed.’

Published by Dailymail

Eight signals that indicate you are stressed

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Our body sends daily alerts just need to know how to interpret , because some quiet, at first glance unusual signals indicate that you are under stress.

1. Headaches during the weekend

Undefined migraines and headaches during the weekend warning that you are under stress . The sudden relaxing weekend and “lack” of stress can trigger migraines . Experts advise that it is very important to have quality sleep during the work week and reduce stress on the switches.

2. All menstrual pain

Women under stress have more painful periods than those who are comfortable with , says a study from Harvard . Scientists blame the stress hormone imbalance . Physical activity like going to the gym may relieve spasms and stress , research suggests , because it relieves the activity of the sympathetic nervous system.

3. Weird dreams

Dreams have a strong influence, and depending on whether they are good or bad , can affect your mood after you wake up . Happy dreams make you wake up great mood , and because stress can have very strange dreams and wake up several times at night.
4. Your gums bleed

According to a Brazilian analysis of 14 studies, was realised that people who are stressed have a higher risk of developing periodontitis. The organism is under chronic stress have elevated levels of kortiozl that affect the immune system and thus makes it less resistant to bacteria that attack the gums .

5. Acne unexpectedly appear

If you notice that acne erupt unexpectedly and painfully , the body warns you that you are under stress. Stress causes inflammation and enhances appearance of acne in adults.

6. Irresistible desire to slight

Do not blame hormones for sudden craving for sweet. Research at the University of Pennsylvania , which examined women before and after menopause , showed a slight decrease in the desire for sweet. Namely, we can not blame the hormones because of the need for slightly, because researchers have shown that stress is probably the main reason of this dependence.

7. Itchy Skin

Japanese study conducted on 2,000 people found that people who bother chronic itch are twice as likely to be con shake. It is logical because such problems certainly cause stress . But the opposite is true- if you are under stress, the body can respond with sensitivity and itching.

8. Abdominal pain

Anxiety and stress can cause headaches , insomnia , and stomach pain . A study of nearly 2,000 respondents of both sexes showed that those under stress are twice as likely to experience abdominal pain. But the pain in my stomach and can occur for a variety of other causes : food allergies, lactose intolerance, irritable srevo, ulcer …

Strategies against migraines

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Migraine headaches occur with intense and sharp pain, often unilateral, and sometimes accompanied by nausea. The most common causes are changes in the rhythm of sleep, skipping meals, and exposure to bright light or noise. Hangover headache actually represents migraine in milder form.
Stop the pain - If more frequently take pills without prescription, in the end you can only worsened headaches, because it reduces the threshold of sensitivity to pain, according to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. The pills should  be taken up to twice in a week. If you have frequent need of them, it is essential to prescribe doctor. Before you take any such remedy, try one of the following strategies to reduce pain:
Strategy 1 - Put ice
Cold compresses the short term solve the problem successfully, associated with headache, because it reduces inflammation. Every hour put ice on the sore spot and hold for 10-15 minutes. Muscles of the neck and shoulders can also get sore or become irritated due to headaches and even themselves to cause headaches.
Strategy 2 - Press here
Acupressure can reduce the pain caused by chronic headaches, shows a Thai research. It has been noted that some people helps when using the right thumb and index finger gently pressing the space softer left thumb and index finger.
Strategy for the prevention of future pain - going to the gym regularly
Regular physical activity can help in getting rid of migraine headaches forge as drugs, shows recent Swedish research. people who exercised for 40 minutes three times a week, felt equally ease and people to relieve pain drank prescription drug “Topiramot”.


Depression or just a bad period

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World Health Organization warns of alarming forecast that by 2020 depression will be the second consecutive widespread disease after cardiovascular diseases. What is really worrying is that many people are unable to distinguish between depression and ordinary sadness, and even the smallest bad mood immediately grab for a quick solution - tablets. This is so because the sedatives have instant alertness, unlike antidepressants, which should be taken consecutive weeks to start to feel their effect. Depression is defined as a psychological mood disorder. It is a condition in which the person is very sad, felt worthless, blaming himself retreats into solitude, had trouble sleeping, with proper diet and contact with the outside. Mood depressive person contains deep sorrow for which there must be objective reasons, and because of this, that person has no interest in activities that previously had been extremely pleasant. Possible appearance and suicidal thoughts as well as thoughts on the absurdity of life.
Depression can last for weeks, months, even years, while bad mood is short-lived and as little will change life circumstances, the person continues to live a normal life, while not develop depression.
- Pills are addictive, while antidepressants effectively accelerate recovery from depression. However, after discontinuation of drug therapy, it is very common recurrence of depression. In other words, the drug therapy or pharmacy-therapy, can not and should not represent a single therapy. Although nowadays as it fashion taking pills, however do not forget that and calming drugs drugs and their misuse can hurt more than help the person. In the treatment of anxiety disorders, you should know that these drugs relieve symptoms, not cure the cause. Therefore, these drugs should be prescribed primarily for short-term suppression of anxiety disorders, at a time when they are extremely unbearable for the patient and not create problems in his social functioning.
Never reach out for self-medication with this type of medication, always consult a doctor. If you already have to reach for the pills to calm, better reach for tablets of vegetable oil or vitamin B6 or B complex, in which there is no danger of addiction and can help, especially if you had not used drugs for such purposes. Sleep problems should not treat necessarily with drug, because the causes of insomnia is often associated with bad habits, and therefore, it is desirable that the patient can get useful recommendations about sleep hygiene.