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Why should eat cucumber?

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Cucumber is very rich with minerals, especially potassium, excellent for detoxification because it allows you to eject the toxins from the body, but you can also use it for many other purposes. Some of them are:
It hydrates the body - If you forget to drink enough water during the day, eat a cold cucumber.
Good for stomach and wounds - except that it can calm your stomach, if you get cut, you can put part of the cucumber and very quickly you will feel the relief.
Eliminates toxins - all the water from the cucumber works well on internal organs, so that it will clean various impurities. It is also known that there is an opportunity to break the kidney stone.
It is rich in vitamins - cucumber, especially bark is rich in vitamins that body needs ibn daily basis. Vitamins A, B and C which strengthens the immune system.
It is rich in minerals - contains large amounts of potassium, magnesium and silicon. Many spas offer treatments have really used cucumbers.
Helps with digestion and weight reduction - Because of the large amount of water and low calorie comprehensive, cucumbers are ideal choice for people who want to reduce weight . Eat it with soup and salad and your pounds will start melting.

Removes dark circles under the eyes (eye circles) - If you have problems with eye bags , take the cucumber because it has the power to lower and lower increased eyelids.
Protects against cancer - as it is known cucumber contain a compound that reduces the risk of several types of cancer illnesses including ovarian cancer, breast cancer and cervical cancer.
Treated for diabetes, cucumber reduces cholesterol and control blood pressure - cucumber juice contains a hormone that is necessary for the production of insulin, because it contains large amount of fiber, potassium and magnesium.
Refreshes the mouth - also refreshing and mouth disease lies. Place a piece of cucumber in your mouth and press the tongue towards the palate. Keep it up half minutes will kill all the bacteria responsible for bad breath.
Restores hair and nails - Thanks to the mineral silica which is located in Cucumber, your hair and your nails will be shiny and strong. Silicon stimulates the growth of your hair.
Protect health, alleviates arthritis - As an excellent source of silica, cucumber keep health that and also strengthens connective tissue. And if you mix with carrot juice cucumber can help ease the pain of arthritis because it reduces urinary acids.
Prevents hangover - If you want to avoid the headache and hangover in the morning, eat a few slices of cucumber. Contains enough vitamin C, sugar and electrolytes that will reduce complaints morning.
Keep kidneys - lowers urinary acids in the body and also helps to keep the kidneys healthy.



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