Five products that you can eat after the expiration date

Five products that you can eat after the expiration date

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When you see that the shelf life of certain products has passed some of them must be immediate disposal. These five products we present you can be eaten after their shelf life expires:

Eggs The eggs can be kept in the refrigerator up to three or four days after the expiration date of use (listed on the package). With aging the egg loses quality, so if you plan to use for some cakes, better skip them.
To check if an egg is fresh fill a bowl with water and carefully lay eggs- fresh egg will immediately sink.

Cereals The boxes of cereal for breakfast must be tag when applicable, and cereals will be fresh and not at all dangerous to eat and three months after the deadline date.

Apples Place apples in a plastic bag in which you will make a few holes for air can circulate. Hold the bag in the refrigerator, and apples will be fresh after three weeks.

Salami Hermetical closed industrial hall can be keeped up to two weeks after the expiration date.

Yogurt Yoghurt standing in the refrigerator can be used without danger at least seven to 10 days after the deadline date.