How should a healthy breakfast look like

How should a healthy breakfast look like

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The right day should start with a healthy and energy filling breakfast. However, what should the most important meal of the day consist of? We took these secrets from russian girls for marriage and other wise women from all over the world.
• Which products to start the day with
Deciding on breakfast is a problem faced by many people who either do not have the ability to eat at all, or violate the principles of healthy lifestyle. The first category begin their day on the empty stomach, and, therefore, when the most active part of he day comes, the level of sugar in the blood falls to such an extent that the body begins to experience a lack of carbohydrates to generate energy. These people usually end up binge eating sweet buns or chocolates. The second category of people do not do any better. Because the wrong breakfast may cause gastrointestinal diseases. .

In order to eat properly and have a slim figure, physicians recommend to eat cereals for breakfast, first of all, they are rich in complex carbohydrates, which slowly split up and produce energy. You can stop your choice on combining cereal or granola with dairy produts. Be also sure to include juices, fruits and vegetables into your diet.

If you start your day with these products, then you will feel energized and great all day long. To be in good physical form, you need to consume 25% of your daily food intake for breakfast.

• The perfect healthy breakfast for children
A pupil must receive not less than 350 grams of vegetables per day, but in the school dining room fresh greens are a rare guest, so feel free to give your child a salad instead of a bagel for lunch to school (you can use a small plastic container for this). Add some cheese, nuts or fruits to the salad - it will not harm, but will make the breakfast tasty and more attractive. Juice and soda should be replaced with home-made smoothies or tea.

If you have a teenager, you can make him/her mini-pizzas. Use a whole grain cereal bun as a base, it is sold in any store, put thinly sliced pieces of tomatoes, a little chicken fillet, and low-fat cheese. Heaten the pizza in the microwave intill the cheese melts. And remember, no sausages, ketchup or salt – these products are unhealthy and will only do harm.

The main problem manu kids is an addiction to sugar. Therefore, instead of giving your lovely son or daughter candies, offer him/her an orange or banana.
Be careful with ready-made dry breakfasts or granole. 45-50% of dry breakfasts consist of sugar. The salt content ranges from 0.7 to 1.9%. So, tasty chocolate puffs do not become less sugary or artificial because of the title "approved by parents around the world" on the cover. However, according to doctors, it's not recommended to make such a breakfast for preschoolers at all. So, everyday consumption of such a meal will save time, but cause some unpleasant effects.

• What breakfast will help you lose weight
According to most nutritionists, the perfect first meal should consist of:
-two eggs (this is an excellent source of protein; in addition, they contain vitamins A, B6, B12, D, E, folic acid). Despite the fact they have cholesterol, modern nutritionists are convinced that by eating several eggs a week, you will not harm either the heart or the vessels (by the way, the less the egg is brewed, the better the protein is absorbed);
-a plate of porridge;
-a slice of cheese or lean ham;
-a fruit.