How to recognize genetically modified food?

How to recognize genetically modified food?

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So far, there is no universal solution for the detection of genetically modified food (GMO). To recognize, you must trust your instincts, but also with research and procurement of the food from our vendors. The basic rules are that the food is beautiful, has a perfect shape, shinier, product size is approximately identical and no damage. No one is identical in nature. As all men are different, one is thin, other is little more fat, that’s the same case in nature and fruits and vegetables vary in appearance. Experts recommend buying the wrong form fruit and vegetables which is slightly hit and show signs it is alive. At the shelves you can locate this kind of fruits and vegetables, you will probably won’t find genetically modified food. Buy products from people who themselves grown and sell. However, keep in mind that sometimes farmers sow genetically modified organisms without being aware of it. These organisms are commonly used in producing of corn. The meat from the animals fed this food should look normal, but pay attention of the liver and kidney. If you act sick (pale, gray, yellow, with growths that do not look normal) , it is better not to buy that meat. Healthy meat is pink and red.
Leave the beautiful packaging. Profitability of genetically modified plants, fruits and vegetables allows producers to spend more money on nice packaging. Inform yourself about the countries that produce genetically modified food. Try to give up from the food that has the most chance of being genetically modified. Unfortunately, it is mostly a meat from animals fed with genetically modified food. Also the chips are produced from genetically modified corn. Note that 92% of all soy is genetically modified world. What are the chances that they will encounter on the other 8%?


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