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Parsley, which we often use it in the kitchen, it is not just spice. As tea or juice it can help with treating some diseases, but also helps with weight reduction.  This small Mediterranean plant about 2000 years old contains large amounts of vitamins that strengthen the immune system, bones and nerve system.
Parsley is particularly rich with vitamin C and iron, and it is especially used at those who suffer from constant fatigue and anemia. He favorably affect blood cells, improving elasticity of blood vessels. Juice or parsley tea is excellent for those who have problems with sand or stone in the kidney, because this herb is facilitating the ejection of fluids in the body. Studies show that with using fresh, pure juice of parsley you can put eject kidney stone or sand without any medical intervention (of course with prior consultation of a doctor).
With the help of parsley you can also solve the problem of gas. Recommended pure juice of this herb mixed with other juices will sip, but not all at once because it can only worsen the situation. In addition, parsley is great against bacteria in relation to urinary tract problems.