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Watermelon is a great way to refresh, and to get rid of excess pounds. This delicious fruit helps to lose the pounds thanks to that entices hunger and has great influence on the digestive organs. It is naturally sweet and delicious, so it can help when you have a crisis or chocolate ice cream. This fruit contains 92% water and low in calories - 100 grams contains only 30 calories. This watermelon diet will help you to reduce your body fat and lose weight.

Breakfast is the same every day: a piece of watermelon from 300-350 g. your favorite morning beverage (coffee, green tea, etc..)

Lunch: 100 g. boiled beef, 100 gr. cooked rice with tomato sauce, a slice of watermelon.
Dinner: 50 grams. cheese, bread.

Lunch: bread, 50 g. cooked chicken or turkey breast, slice of watermelon.
Dinner: 100 g. grilled fish, bread, salad.

Lunch: 30 g. spaghetti with cheese and tomatoes, watermelon slice.
Dinner: salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and onions, 50 gr. fresh cheese, a slice of watermelon.

Lunch: 1 bowl of vegetable soup, bread, 50 grr cooked chicken, watermelon slice.
Dinner: 2 boiled potatoes with Parmesan, fresh seasonal salad, a slice of watermelon.

Lunch: 50 g. beef cooked with mushrooms, bread, slice of watermelon.
Dinner: 50 grams. fresh cheese, 2 slices of bread, a slice.

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Watermelon reduces high blood pressure in people with overweight and can reduce the risk of heart attack, revealed a survey conducted at the University of Florida. Scientists have discovered that watermelon significantly lowers blood pressure in obese people, even when exposed to cold weather.
More people die of heart attacks in cold conditions because their body is more exposed to stress, while trying to stay warm, which leads to increases in blood pressure, the magazine “Daily Mail” reports. It forces the heart to work harder , which means that people are faced with a higher risk of heart attack.
“The pressure on the heart and the aorta is reduced by consumption of an extract of watermelon” concluded experts who conducted a survey on 13 people who had high blood pressure for more than 12 weeks, reports “Daily Mail”.