Why does appendicitis appear?

Why does appendicitis appear?

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Spring constantly brings us a surprise. And not only in the form of uncontrollable attraction to russian girls for marriage hypervitaminosis, and exacerbations of chronic diseases. At this time, a hot spot begins for surgeons who remove appendices. According to statistics, it is in the spring that the inflammation of the appendix is twice as high. What is the reason? This article contains the answers to your questions.

• What is an appendix?
This is a small (about 6 cm in length) vermiform process, which fastens to the cecum and does not lead anywhere. Medics didn’t know for what did it serve for a long time. Some thought it was a "bag" for collecting food waste that the body was unable to digest. Others argued that the appendix's task was to neutralize the negative energy accumulated in food. However, later researches have shown that the scientists of the past were mistaken. The appendix is not as useless as you could think, because a person with a healthy appendix is less vulnerable to illnesses, radiation exposure, and physical activity. Moreover, studies have shown that the mucous membrane which is covering the appendix contains a large amount of lymphoid tissue, which all organs of immunity are composed of. Some researchers call the appendix a body of the immune system, such a cerebellum, located not in the larynx, as in the glands, but in the intestine.

• What does an appendix protect?
The appendices are on the verge of so-called dirty and clean zones of the body, protecting the second ones from the penetration of pathogenic microbes. For example, adenoids protect the nasopharynx from infections that penetrate the upper respiratory tract, and the glands do the same between the mouth and the throat. The appendix takes on the microbes that try to penetrate the small intestine (where food is digested) from the colon (which is the result of digestive waste).

• What is appendicitis?
Inflammation of the appendix is called appendicitis. Surgeons often compare appendicitis with angina of the abdominal cavity. However, unlike pharyngeal tonsils, the appendix gets sore only once, and therefore it can not be treated differently apart from the surgical procedure.

• Causes of appendicitis
Medicines still can not determine the exact cause of appendicitis. In some cases, it is associated with a spring decrease in immunity. In others, appendicitis may be caused by helminths, extraneous bodies, or food garbage. However, not always such factors cause soreness of the appendix. What is more, people with chronic inflammations (adenoids, cavity, or tonsillitis) are under a bigger risk.

• Signs of acute appendicitis
Inflammation of the appendix can develop in two scenarios: classical and atypical. Classic scenario. It all begins with pain in the upper abdomen, which gradually drops to the lower right side. Typical scenario. There are cases when appendicitis is masked by other diseases, for example, under severe food poisoning, which is characterized by severe abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and temperature.

• Diagnosis
To establish the exact diagnosis the patient should be examined by a doctor, who will carry out the analysis of blood (a high quantity of leukocytes indicates an inflammation of the appendix). Ultrasound abdominal will help to dispel the last doubts.


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